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11.11.-10.12.2012. Acțiunea din Slovacia a Sindicatului medicilor din SL. Susținere din partea Sindicatelor medicilor din Europa

Documente de susținere din Polonia și Ungaria a sindicatelor medicilor din acele țări.

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Situatia din 7.12.2012.

Dear friends,
the situation is escalating in Slovakia. Two weeks ago, notices from redundancy were given to 18 doctors in hospital Žilina. They are practically all the doctors from the departments of orthopedics, pediatric orthopedics department and for long-term sick patients. Director of the hospital, according to his statement, does not want to abolish these departments, but that's definitely they cannot work without physycians. This was coercive means to sign onerous contracts, what these doctors refused. These doctors, in accordance with the Labour Code, due to depositions of redundancy, reject to work at duties- extra time work. Their other colleagues from department of trauma surgery are not able to provide services without them, so also, in accordance with the Labour Code, refused to carry out the inpatient emergency service- overtime.
The demonstration, with the participations of V4 representatives was held in front of Žilina Hospital on 26-th November. The big protest march of the citizens of Zilina town /more then 2500 people/ was on the 3-rd December 2012.
Director were repeatedly offered negotiations to resolve a situation where colleagues as a condition demanded cancellation of notices to physicians. The answer, however, is the secondment of army doctors as a order of the Ministry of Defence! Health Minister says: "It's standard procedure!" Surely you remember the state of emergency in December last year in Slovakia. This situation is beginning to resemble. Doctors from other departments in the hospital Žilina, to support colleagues and to protest against this practice today, also in accordance with the Labour Code, reject inpatient emergency service too. The situation is serious. Director of the hospital, with the knowledge of responsible officials of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic, tramples laws and tramples on the rights of citizens. Director, with his command forbade hospital staff to inform the public about the true state of the hospital. I ask the FEMS representatives to inform the responsible authorities in Brussels and demanded an explanation from the representatives of the Slovak government.

With regards, Pavel Oravec, Vice-chairman of LOZ, I.vicepresident of FEMS


ORA 12: 35. Press release of LOZ/SlovakiaIn view of the events in Žilina hospital, LOZ considering declared strike readiness in hospitals throughout Slovakia. The reason why we are still not declared the strike readiness is our sincere effort to address the plight of Žilina in the hospital and to create conditions for negotiations to allow agree. In addition to the great support of colleagues from all over Slovakia embrace with gratitude expressions of solidarity with Zilina doctors from the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.

Our sincere goal is to find a solution to the difficult situation in which Zilina hospital is. For its save, we are willing to give up the benefits that historically created and operated since 2005. We believe that if the other side was making no effort to agree, it will be difficult to find a constructive solution. In particular, the presence of Mr. Tvarůžek- crisis manager, is a problem for us, once when we were informed about the unflattering affair, which is associated with his functioning in hospital in Brandys nad Labem in Czech Republic.
We ask Minister Z. Zvolenská to end by her intervention the crisis, stressing the patients and physicians which cannot fully devote to their work. We think we can find common negotiating a solution that is acceptable to both parties. I Can not react to the words Madam Minister "We can not wait to sleep in the morning of Zilina doctor hospital and decides to come to work, said Health Minister". I would like it noted that the Minister was informed about problems in Žilina Hospital as early as this summer - that before the situation arose. She were informed by the doctors´ trade union. So there is no arbitrariness of doctors, but that in Slovakia the acute problem of overtime in excess of the Labour Code, which endangers the patient. We believe that these words have only arisen due to tense situation in which we all find ourselves.
I believe that all of us want to resolve the situation. We would like to make a constructive dialogue and agreement as soon as possible. We ask Mayor of Zilina Igor Choma and Juraj Blanár- chairman of higher territorial unit contributed actively to stabilize and rescue of Zilina hospital.

Peter Visolajský, Chairman of LOZ



Situația din 8 Decembrie:


Dear friends,
after more than 2 weeks of severe events, the situation currently calms in Žilina hospital. After huge pressure and unification of hospital physicians across whole Slovakia, the director of Zilina hospital canceled notices that were given to doctors, agrees with restoring of normal function of affected departments. Doctors therefore still continuing in inpatient duty service- extra time work. Our aim is to provide patient care, however there is still continued violations of the Labor Code and a written commitments of the Government of Slovak republic /Memorandum 2011/. We will continue in our efforts to adhere laws of this state and improving status of health care workers. For now, we will not declare strike alert, but we will continue to defend our rights and remain to resist the arrogance of power. Thanks for all the support you have shown to us and for these they give the support to us. I will continue to inform.
Best regards
Pavel Oravec, Vice-Chairman of LOZ/Slovakia, 1.Vice-President of FEMS


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