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Iulie 2012. Sprijin pentrn medicii din Slovenia

Referitor la situația specialității/competenței medicului homeopat.


Subject: Request for information about homeopathy medicine from FIDES/ Slovenia
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2012 14:59:50 +0200
Dear FEMS delegates,
We have been receiving several motions from FIDES members to engage to modify the Slovenian national regulation of homeopathy.
Presently, homeopathy can be practiced only by medical doctors. However, a physician that practices homeopathy is denied licence for medical practice, even if he/she is in possession of all specialist qualifications. Accordingly, a doctor who wants to practice homeopathy, must choose between "classical" medicine or homeopathy - he/she can't do both.
Any doctor who practices homeopathy is quite strictly disciplined by the Medical Chamber, either by public notice, or even by suspending his/her practicing licence - the latter is of course followed by the loss of employment. Therefore, a doctor practicing both homeopathy and "classical" medicine - even without any objective concerns about his/her abilities or conflict of interest - is treated equally or even harder than a doctor who committed serious medical malpractice. Until recently, Medical Chamber required each doctor to officially refrain from homeopathy when completing the registration form for (compulsory) membership at the Medical Chamber.
Being systematically marginalized and of course excluded from any public funds, doctors who decide to perform only homeopathy are rare because usually they cannot earn enough for living. Since non-medical doctors are not allowed to practice homeopathy, it is really very difficult to practice this activity legally in Slovenia. But we have indications, however, that this activity is indeed practiced clandestinely to some extent by several doctors who otherwise normally work in healthcare facilities.
No need to mention that homeopathy is strictly excluded from any pre- or postgraduate programmes at Slovenian faculties of medicine, even as an optional subject.
To our knowledge, it is not usual in other European countries to treat homeopathy in such a hostile way, and it is not usual to prohibit a doctor to practice both - "classical" medicine and homeopathy.
FIDES would like to modify the present regulation in a more modern way, comparable to other European countries. On the other hand, we do think that this issue should be regulated and we should have patient safety first in mind.
Therefore, we would like to have more exact information about the regulation of this field in other European countries, notably concerning the following questions:
- can the same doctor practice both "classical" medicine and homeopathy - are there any limitations or restrictions?
- how do you deal with any conflict of interest?
- have there been any cases where homeopathy, applied by a medical doctor instead of "classical" medicine methods, has led to serious consequences?
- are there any diciplinary measures for a doctor who practices both - classical medicine and homeopathy?
- do the homeopathy doctors need any registration? Who maintains the register?
We will appreciate any answer that will help us clarify this issue.
Bojan Popovic
In Romania is a National Institute of Acupuncture, Homeopathy and Complementary Medicine which give a lkot of medical services including allopathic, evidence based and non-evidence based, as homeppathy.
In Romania is a competence to be homeopathic doctor, usually general practitioner, too.
It is not forbidden to practice both types of medicine, on the contrary, is stimulating.

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With the same friendship
Dr. Dan Peretianu


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